Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Tell her...

If she comes do tell her
that beyond all this chaos,
i am still waiting for her
while sitting on a bench made of our memories.

Tell her that her jokes
are still making me smile.
Just like her voice
which is still ringing in my ears.

Do tell her that her hairs strands
are still lying on the bed sheet.
And her soothing fragrance
is still lingering at the corner of my pillow.

Tell her that I still miss those walks
on the river’s bank,
as we kissed in the golden light of setting sun.

That cold wind which came
from the other side of the river,
it still asks me about her.
Tell her that somewhere near the river
sycamore tree we planted together, is still waiting for her.

Those broken mud cups
in which we drank tea,
I still have the pieces of those broken cups.

Tell her that I still haven’t
stopped drinking tea,
even though as always 
i still burn my tongue while having it.

I am lying here in the hospital bed
and doctor says it won’t be too long.
If she's late then
do tell her, that I waited for her. 

My last breath carried a hope
that she’ll be there by my side.
I waited for her, for the rest of my life
Tell her…

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