Sunday, 20 November 2011

My strengths

Today, it feels good to know that I've three precious friends. This year had not been that great, except when i met these three girls.

I have been going through a bad phase at this moment. Therefore, whenever i hit a low, i know that i am just a call away from them. They're always there for me, scolding me, making me laugh, abusing me and pulling my leg whenever i need someone. No matter what they say or do, they always make sure that I spend the rest of my day smiling.

This year, i celebrated my first birthday when i didn't receive any gift. But i guess it's fine because this year i got them as a gift. In fact, today I sing and i write well; somewhere it's because of them. They take care of my emotional side and thus make sure that i don't end up neglecting those small traces of talent i have in me.

I can now safely say they're my strength. Richa, Baavri and Maahi, i love you.