Monday, 14 November 2011

Hey beautiful soul...

It’s early morning,
With a cup of coffee in my hand
I look at the foggy streets of pune.

A gust of cold early morning wind
Touches my neck, and along with it
Brings some memories of her.

I saw her in the dream last night, yes again
Like an angel, she walked towards me
Amidst all the insanity, the only one sane

And then this thought hits me, like bang
All my fears and insecurities come rushing.
As somewhere deep in me my deepest worries,
Again sang.

They whisper about all those failed relationships,
About all those failed moments of my love intense.
Will I be successful this time?
Will I be again shedding tears once she’ll fade away,
like a soothing fragrance?

The black clouds of tension
Cover me
And slowly the droplet of doubts
Start raining.
Is she the one? What should I do?
And in this mess of thoughts I didn’t realize,
When the cup of coffee left my hand. 

Boom, came this loud noise of shattered glass.
And near my toe were lying broken pieces few,
With the warm liquid flowing freely towards,
A destination, it wasn’t intended to.

As I pick up a shattered glass, the thought hits me.

Who are we? A combination of star dust fallen from the sky.
We’re just souls trying to meet our another end,
Without any reason, we never ask why? 

We just roam around, in search of the perfect one,
She is that one, I am that one.
We’re just two souls, who’re just half way,
From being the perfect one.

She’s sleeping right now,
And maybe lost in her beautiful dreams.
She has her wishes, she wants to fly high
She wants to soar through this big blue sky.

Who am I to stop her? Who am I to worry?
It’s just that she shared a part of her life,
With me amidst all this hurry.

Who knows if this time no one leaves?
Who knows if we’ll stay together,
till our last breaths.

I won’t stop her from dreaming,
I won’t stop her from fulfilling her dreams.
I like her, or maybe love her somewhere inside me,
I won’t be the rock in front of her violet streams.

I’ll be that wind which will flow with her
Till the time she’ll want.
And I’ll be thankful once even if she’ll decide,
To part ways,
Thankful till in her heart this man stays.

Then past this horizon, she’ll fly,
Like a vagabond in search of that perfect landscape.
I know one day she’ll find one,
When her waters will touch a beautiful Cape.

I like her for who she is, I like her for being a beautiful soul,
I don’t like her as a trophy I won,
Putting her in a showcase is not my goal.

She’s just a wandering soul,
who tried to mingle with mine.
Like two dancers,
in each other’s arms our souls entwine.

We’re on a journey to find if it’s
The most beautiful dance of our life.

And then she might fly away, if she wants
To achieve that mesmerizing high.
Because hey beautiful soul,

You belong to me as much as you belong to this sky.


  1. Nicely written ,to begin with. Parts of it come so close to my own story/thoughts, I can't tell apart if its yours or mine.

    Yes,like DIDO says,be kind enough to let her go, the queen you own.

  2. Nice work there!

    Pleasant change in language, too.

  3. Hmm. this is the first poem of yours that I'm reading. looking forward to the rest.