Friday, 9 January 2015

Jack Kerouac, Robert Frost.

I found a million stories,
Lying under the cloak,
Of passing time,
And I asked the nothingness,
That prevailed over this magical kingdom,
To tell me the way to freedom.
And it said,
Boy hop in will you,
Let us take you,
To a world new,
Man will you spend,
A moments few,
To redeem what was never lost,
Jack Kerouac, Robert Frost.
I said,
Is that a time machine,
Taking me to where I've never been,
To the worlds I've never seen?
Oh yes my dear,
So hop in,
Pop in this pill,
And stay still,
For we will go,
Where no one knows,
From where they came,
And isn't it a shame,
To not be able to blame,
Our origins for our fallacies.
But don't you worry,
Just hurry,
For we are taking you back,
To the future.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

The jungle outside my door

There's this jungle right outside my door,
A jungle with lots in its store,
There is peace, 
And pieces of cow,
Which was lately attacked by a bear, 
Sometimes I see a deer, 
As well,
But there's more,
I have to tell. 

This jungle is also,
One of my close friends,
To me sometimes,
Sweet fragrances it sends,
And sometimes when I go walking,
I find something stalking,
It's nothing but the resident leopard,
Setting my feet free,
And to save myself I run,
But nonetheless it's fun,
Living next to a close friend.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Dil ek panchi...

Dil ek panchi hi toh hai, 
Thoda ud lene do isse

Thoda jud lene do isse,
Naye khwaabon se, 
Na rakho faansla,
Ab unn jawaabon se,
Jinke sawaalon mein,
Yun uljhe rehte ho

Dil ek panchi hi toh hai,
Thoda mud lene do isse

Thoda jud lene do isse,
Naye raaston se,
Puraane darakhton par isse,
Likhne do nayi kahaaniyan,
Roko na ab isse,
Haasil karne do nayi ravaaniyan

Dil ek panchi hi toh hai,
Thoda ud lene do isse...