Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Just a walk around the new dreamland...

I see trains stopping and people running around,
I see those people crushing under their feet, dreams unfound
I see some smiles but I fail to relate with them
And I see beyond some frowns like I share my fate with them

I see concrete skies and a neon star
I see those neon constellations informing where our next destinations are
I see artificial humans and machines so alive
I see those broken mechanical hopes as the cranes jive

I see thoughts flying around
I see crowded street but hear no sound
I see boys and girls walking hand in hands,
I see them walking unconsciously towards dead ends

I see them wiping their tears and saying goodbye,
As I see a paper plane in background, soaring the sky
I see pillars of truth made with bricks of lie
I see them enjoying their life, as their neighbours die

I see a kid crying in a corner,
while searching for his mother
I see a sister crying her heart out
While hugging her brother

I see a man in the mirror,
Staring at me with a smile,
He is wondering as always,
where was he all this while

I see it all and I see some more,
As I stare at this city, wondering what else is in the store...


  1. Hope city offers you many more events to share. :)

  2. Welcome to the city :) hope it treats you very well !

  3. Life in a 'Metro'. Very well described. - Apurv [ @A_Humorist ]

  4. A day in the Delhi Metro! :) Moments well analysed, captured and made into a poem. Who would have thought travelling in the Delhi Metro, overloaded with sweaty human beings can bring out such a nice piece of writing.

    Keep up!

  5. Good work!! Keep it up!

  6. Welcome to Delhi.
    This city is not as bad as people think.
    Apt description of the Delhi Metro :)