Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A collection of short ones

Sometimes I just want to cry,
so that she could smile.
I hope she’s smiling right now.


Hey friend,
I know you’re there
Hiding behind the desk, aren’t you?

Hey friend,
I know you’ll come out anytime.
Look I am hurt, and I need you.

Hey friend,
I know you’re coming out anytime,
I know you’re going to comfort me now.

Hey friend,
I know you’ve died but your memories are still there,
you’re still by my side; you’re still making me smile.


The old pine tree,
it still stands there, behind the park.
It still remembers our first conversation,
and it still recalls the story of our first kiss.

That water fountain at the city center,
it is still the main tourist attraction.
But it misses our small fights,
at 2 AM during the starry nights.

The last desk in the class,
yes our names are still carved on it.
The scent of your shampoo is still present there
where you kept your head down,  just to stare
at me.

That house is still empty,
where the tears which fell from your eyes
when we made love for first time,
are still flowing down the slanted and creaking floor.

That bicycle is still rusting in my backyard,
which I once used to bring flowers
to apologize for every mistake I made.

I still use that cycle to carry those same flowers
every day at 9 AM to the grave,
Where from past 10 years,
you’ve stayed.


Those memories,
I’ll burn them all and smile.
I don’t want to cry anymore,
I don’t want them to be my
emotions’ turnstile.

Those memories,
they’re all gone.
Now I don’t cry,
but I also don’t smile.
Smiling doesn’t make sense,
now that the emotions don’t
have any fence.


My guitar and me,
I don’t know how to play it.
But it still loves me.

I just strum it and hum a random tune,
it loves my fingers caressing its strings,
it still hopes that I’ll learn its tunes.

My guitar and me,
we have stayed together during hard times.
And now that the good times are near
it looks at me and smiles, whenever I sing.

My guitar and me,
it wants me to learn a new song today.
It says to me, “I know you love that girl.
Won’t you play a song for her.”

My guitar and me,
we’re the best friends.
We might not know each other perfectly
but we’re still auto tuned to each other.                 


Bless them all,

Bless the smile on his torn lips,
Bless that eye which can’t see
Bless that tongue which can’t speak
Bless that ear which can’t hear
Bless that knee,
which misses its other partner.

But most of all,
Bless those who still smile,
despite their fears and troubles.

Just bless them all, God. 


  1. 1st one and guitar one is extra extra special.. and rest are as usual great.. awesome..

  2. @shoumik

    Thank you so much :), and yes wrote the guitar one while i was flipping through the pages of my first guitar lesson.

  3. "When reflecting upon
    Nostalgic times,
    The guitar brings
    Memories to mind."
    Loved the collection... :) Keep Writing.

  4. Abhi,, one thing i have noted about your poems is that it have mostly the same context like the flow is from sadness to happiness or happiness to sadness. Nice work though! Keep up. :)

  5. @ashwin

    Yup because they're like life, nothing stays constant. Emotions change, ups and downs you see.