Monday, 28 November 2011


One more day, and one more night
One more conversation,
One more dream, yeah right.

I guess, it’s happening again
I don’t know, it’s just taking over me
That wonderful feeling is again setting me free

Is it you? Ofcourse it is.
And it is your soul, and your voice
And the way you play piano, or the way you sing
I don’t know about other stuff,
But I guess it might be the smile on my face, you bring.

But then, how can I be so sure,
Well even I don’t know neither I wanna know more
I just wanna float again, in this feeling so sure

That maybe, I guess yes maybe
I think my heart is saying something me,
Well just read my silent lips, oh wait
Or just look into my eyes and that’s your face you’ll see.

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