Wednesday, 30 November 2011

About a boy...

Minute by minute you broke him down,
Day by day you made him look like your personal clown.
You bullied him when he needed you the most,
You bullied him when he pleaded you the most.

And what did you get? Say it again,
Oh yes those few moments of amusement
When every day in a new kind of hell
that boy was sent.

He hid his tears from you,
Because you never cared to look beyond the smile.
He called you his friend, because he was afraid
That he had to stay alone all this while.

Yes he had issues, and I guess it was his problem
That he wasn’t like you all.
He wasn’t perfect like you,
He was just another feeble being, who was
Crushed under your shoe.

You had all the fun, while all he wanted
Was to run.
Run away from all of you, and he did
Only to realize the new land is again,
Full of people who’ll ridicule him.

School and college it was all the same,
And I guess he knew, it'll always be him
On whom everyone'll put the blame.

He still continued with his journey, 
in search of someone to call his. 
While everyone just made it a habit, 
to give his side of emotions a miss. 

I guess he was wrong, 
i guess that thought in a weak moment was right. 
This world isn't his, he doesn't belong to this place
He will never find the peace, no matter how much he'll fight. 

And all he always wanted,
Was someone who might understand him.
And all he wants,
Is someone who might understand him. 

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