Thursday, 31 October 2013


No one's here for you,
neither are you for them,
Your stories are yours,
Your own beautiful entities,
Don't unmask them for us,
Don't dwell too much in ours,
'cause you'll always be a stranger,
The one who comes,
and goes,
So don't be the one,
who thinks he knows ...

You know nothing about us,
we know nothing about you,
Let it be that way,
so we can stop pretending,
The meaning of each other's,
Until we find the meaning
of our own,
And it's time,
You learned to walk alone ...

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Same old story

When the sunlight slowly,
starts fading away,
when you can't make out,
if it's a night or a day,
when breathing feels like a chore,
and the pain starts to rise,
and it's all happening again,
and you're growing insane ...

When the stars twinkle,
but darkness starts gripping,
you in its arms,
Tightly, so you can't escape,
when living is never worth it,
and all you do is cry,
trying to wither away,
and then die ...

When your mind is numb,
the thoughts are all hazy,
you're going crazy,
and nothing makes sense,
'cause it all stopped mattering,
a long ago,
And you wish you forget,
whatever you know,
You just lie there,
twisting and turning,
thinking of days,
you spent with her,
they felt like a dream,
and then you scream ...

When you let it all out,
everything in your heart,
And every end,
becomes a new start,
Don't lose it boy,
Don't lose it,
You'll stand up,
You'll smile
Once you've realized,
It's been a while,
You'll stand up,
you'll sing,
The fears,
And the tears,
They'll dry up soon,
Sun will shine,
and skies will be blue,
The world will be beautiful,
Everything will be sane,
And then you'll walk up to that girl,
To fall in love once again ...

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Yaadein Keylong ki: Socho kabhi...

(Scroll down for english transliteration)

सोचो कभी अकेले हों,
एक अनजाना सफ़र हो,
एक अनजान रास्ता ...

कुछ दूर चलकर
हम यूँही थक जाएँ,
और प्यास बुझाने हमारी,
कुछ काले बादल आयें ...

भीगा जाएँ हँसा जाएँ,
पल वह याद दिलाएं,
जब फिर किसी मंजिल की तलाश में,
यूँही चल पड़े थे ...

तोह सोचो कभी जो अकेले हों,
और दूर एक नया शहर नज़र आये,
एक नदी कोई बहती हो,
और वादियाँ हमारा दिल बहलायें ...

कुछ लोग मिले रास्तों में,
पागल समझ हमें,
हम पर मुस्कुराएं,
कुछ हमसे पूछें,
तो कुछ अपनी सुनाएं,
दुश्मनी बहुत मोल ली दुनिया से,
क्या पता इन्ही रास्तों में,
अब न जाने अपने,
कितने ही दोस्त बन जाएँ ...

तो ज़रा सोचो कभी यूँही,
किसी दिन अचानक से
फिर किसी मंजिल की तलाश में,
हम अकेले ही निकल जाएँ ...

Socho kabhi akele hon,
ek anjaana safar ho,
ek anjaan sa rasta...

kuch duur chalkar
hum yunhi thak jaayein,
aur pyaas bujhane hamari
kuch kaale baadal aayein...

bhiga jaayein hasa jaayein,
pal woh yaad dilajaayein,
jab fir kisi manzil ki talaash mein,
yunhin chal pade the ...

Toh socho kabhi akele hon,
aur duur ek naya sheher nazar aaye,
ek nadi koi behti ho,
aur vaadiyan hamara dil behlaayein ...

kuch log mile raaston mein,
pagal samajh humein,
hum par muskurayein,
kuch humse poochein,
toh kuch apni sunaayein,
dushmani bahut mol li duniya se,
kya pata inhi raaston mein,
ab na jaane apne,
kitne hi dost ban jaayein ...

toh zaraa socho kabhi yunhin,
kisi din achanak se,
kisi nayi manzil ki talaash mein,
hum akele hi nikal jayein ...