Thursday, 29 November 2012

You’re my girl...

You're my dream,
my kiss
You're my star,
that beautiful cigar,
I never smoke,
You're the love about which I never spoke

You’re the bedside,
Where my secret lies
You’re the hope that remains,
When every dream dies,
You’re my laughter,
And you’re all those deep sighs

You’re the sun,
That never shines,
The clouds,
Which forgot to rain,
You’re all those smiles I missed,
Only to experience that comforting pain

And you’re the dance,
I can never dance,
You are the song,
I can always sing,
You’re the commotion in my mind,
You’re the only who seems my kind.

You’re the hugs,
I never got,
You’re that lucky unburnt cigarette,
When I got no money for the pot,
The one they never found,
you’re that hidden pearl

And little do they know, that 
You’re my girl...

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

You're beyond them, You're beyond all...

Let the sun shine,
Let the world whine,
To your soul, let the pain entwine, 
Let them ridicule you,
Let the world fool you,
It’s good to fall once or twice,
You got to walk on the fire,
and embrace the ice...

So, let the skies fall,
Let the winds stall,
They’re just waiting for you,
To make your call,
They’re just waiting for their hero,
To jump every hurdle, break every wall
They’re just waiting for their hero,
To stand back again from the last fall

So, let the roads get blocked,
Let your failures get talked
Because you're beyond them,
You're beyond all...

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Watch her dance...

As the stars in the sky so high, twinkle,
As the night is here to tickle our memories,
As the dark secrets are all that's there to gain,
Watch her dance away all the pain…

As the sleep play weird games,
As our dreams burn in the flames,
As we hear the footsteps in the memory lane,
Just watch her dance away all the pain…

As the dogs bark and coffee is no more warm,
As the winter winds try to destroy all that's calm,
As a teardrop decorates the page with a watery stain, 
I just watch her dance away all the pain…

Friday, 9 November 2012

You and I

Let's fly away to the sky, 
and jump off the stars. 
Let's fall down to a beach,
and rub sand on our scars

Let's sing a lullaby,
and make this world sleep.
Let's dance away to the glory,
while these dogs weep

Let's paint our names on these roads, 
and sing songs of our destination.
Let's catch the last train, 
to the last station

Let's be in love once again,
letting our bodies entwine
Today you're just a wandering soul, 
who once mingled with mine

Let's be a bit more crazy,
and laugh till we die. 
Let's rejoice once again, 
because this universe has got special plans for You and I.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


The cloud is so high,
It floats in the sky
And it reminds me of those sad eyes,
They make me cry…

I also remember that beautiful city,
It makes me laugh,
And I dream about the cigarettes,
Cough cough cough…

I sit on a swing,
Oh but I hate these rides,
So, I sit on the border,
And take no sides…

The stars twinkle,
Blip blop blip,
I went to the hotel,
And gave no tip…

I love the coffees,
And I hate the teas,
I can only afford the mountains,
So I pretend to hate the seas…

I read wonderful books,
And I write ugly words,
I didn’t like chemical reactions,
So I mastered angry birds…

I don’t know this world,
But I do understand you,
I look in the mirror,
But is it me I’m speaking to?

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Scarily Beautiful Road of Lansdowne...

A lonely night,
On an only road,
I pretend like a lonely soul,
I wonder about my only goal...

As I see patterns on the deserted road,
Formed by the juxtaposed red & blue tubelights,
I hear someone calling my name from the windows of an isolated house,
Shining like a beacon on the greater heights...

And there are dogs, a lot of them
Discussing their concerns just across the street,
Staring at me with their shining eyes,
Trying to keep their matters discreet...

When suddenly a gust of the cold wind,
Brings a fragrance of some unknown kind,
Emancipating me from my unruly thoughts,
A commotion, whose end I'll never find...

So I start walking down that scarily beautiful road
of Lansdowne, once again
Letting the music of rapturous darkness,
Soak up my silent pain...