Wednesday, 7 November 2012


The cloud is so high,
It floats in the sky
And it reminds me of those sad eyes,
They make me cry…

I also remember that beautiful city,
It makes me laugh,
And I dream about the cigarettes,
Cough cough cough…

I sit on a swing,
Oh but I hate these rides,
So, I sit on the border,
And take no sides…

The stars twinkle,
Blip blop blip,
I went to the hotel,
And gave no tip…

I love the coffees,
And I hate the teas,
I can only afford the mountains,
So I pretend to hate the seas…

I read wonderful books,
And I write ugly words,
I didn’t like chemical reactions,
So I mastered angry birds…

I don’t know this world,
But I do understand you,
I look in the mirror,
But is it me I’m speaking to?