Thursday, 29 November 2012

You’re my girl...

You're my dream,
my kiss
You're my star,
that beautiful cigar,
I never smoke,
You're the love about which I never spoke

You’re the bedside,
Where my secret lies
You’re the hope that remains,
When every dream dies,
You’re my laughter,
And you’re all those deep sighs

You’re the sun,
That never shines,
The clouds,
Which forgot to rain,
You’re all those smiles I missed,
Only to experience that comforting pain

And you’re the dance,
I can never dance,
You are the song,
I can always sing,
You’re the commotion in my mind,
You’re the only who seems my kind.

You’re the hugs,
I never got,
You’re that lucky unburnt cigarette,
When I got no money for the pot,
The one they never found,
you’re that hidden pearl

And little do they know, that 
You’re my girl...


  1. Impressive... " I can never dance,
    You are the song"

    Good work.

  2. Great work, I am a regular visitor of your blog and love it.Keep up the good work.