Friday, 2 March 2012

We're explosions in the sky

Letting the sadness occupy us,
Stressing ourselves while making all the fuss,
Tears rolling down those beautiful eyes,
Every time you stop yourself,
Another dream dies.

It’s the best friend of success,
Just that you've to meet it first.
What’s the point of water,
If there’s no thirst.

We can remove them,
But only if you try
When we can win the world with
A simple truth,
Why hurt ourselves with one more lie?

Now, look towards that world so high
Can you see those stars passing by?
And as the stardust fall on us 
Tonight’s we’ll once again live our life.

Because tonight,
It’s our dreams celebrating our another try
It’s our time to shine bright,
We’re explosions in the sky.


  1. Hey, this is something fresh.. I liked it a lot! :)

  2. Brilliant work.. totally loved it!

  3. awesome work very creative...!

  4. OMG this was pure awesomeness ...I looooooooved it <3
    Thanks for making me read it.....I somehow needed it :)

  5. this is niceee... a good and new perspective of things!

  6. A worthy two minutes spent on reading this. Liked it. May help inspire someone who needs to! Nice Abhi, very nice. :)