Thursday, 1 March 2012

She & Me

Sitting by the crystal clear lakes,
Reflecting the twinkling stars,
Sitting with each other,
Nursing our beautiful scars,
Sitting by the side of that barren hill,
Like our relationship,
Sometimes moving, sometimes still

Longing for each other’s touch,
With every word that dropped down our tongues,
Wiping out our tears,
While laughing out our lungs
Sitting by the side of a deserted street,
Like our relationship,
Sometimes fallen down on the ground,
Sometimes standing on its own feet

Creating our silly stories,
While listening to those forgotten songs,
Spending our nights in each other’s comfort,
It seemed the only right, amidst all wrongs
Remember I used to sing,
While you used to sit with the guitar in your hand
Like our relationship,
Always secure in our memories,
While slipping through our fingers, those lose specks of sand

Those long phone calls,
And then, that last one.
That night when we danced,
Till the early morning sun

And then the wait,
To see you again,
Then after four years,
Seeing you with him,
Oh !! The pain.

Those broken pieces,
Lying on the ground,
When every dream shattered,
And then that feeling of disgust,
When you met me with the smile,
Which once mattered

Remember our last goodbye,
While I stood in the rain,
I remember,
While holding his hand, you said,
"Hey Abhi, I’ll surely see you again."

Yes love, 
We'll meet again, 
Like the first drop of a rain 
on this earth's foil

This is our relationship, 
Where you're the black cloud, 
And I'm the desert soil


  1. :) sad... and very well penned

  2. fun to read and filled with emotions.. this poem is deep. i loved it! :D