Thursday, 28 November 2013

Goodbyes at the airport ...

Goodbyes at the airport ... 

They're the worst ones, 
when they stand there, 
looking at you from the other side 
of the glass, 
and you stand here, 
this side, 
wanting to break that glass ... 

A boundary, 
Like many, 
Which have always stopped you, 
Deluded you, 
Secluded you, 
From what you deserve, 
From making the friendships, 
You'll preserve ... 

You see their eyes, 
saying more than, 
what anyone ever told you, 
you see their lips quiver, 
whispering a silent goodbye, 
Chanting promises, 
Which will slowly die 
or maybe not ... 

Let's hope they don't, 
Let me make sure they won't, 
'cause boundaries which existed, 
they still do, 
On paper, but not in mind, 
I just needed a reason, 
Now there are many I can find ...

So this time, 
there won't be any stopping,
'cause I just need to
spread my wings and finally fly, 
My friend, you'll find me again,
Just keep looking for me in the sky ...

Thursday, 14 November 2013


एक सोच है,
मेरी तुम्हारी,
ब्रह्माण्ड में टंगे तारों,
से लटकती एक कहानी भी,
यही है,
सूरज की किरणो से जलती,
तोह कभी चाँद के आकर्षण में,
छलांगे मारती लहरों कि दास्ताँ,
यही है  …

रात को अँधेरे में,
मुझे चिढ़ाती हुए चांदनी है ये,
भरी दोपहर पसीने के रूप में आकर,
बारिशों की याद दिलाती है ये,
जो ठण्ड में ठिठरु मैं,
तो एक गरम अफसाना बन,
मुझे अपने पास बिठाती है ये,
सुबह की पहली रेलगाड़ी की सीटी बन,
दूर देशों की याद,
मेरे सिरहाने छोड़ जाती है ये,
एक दोस्त,
एक दुश्मन
यही है,
एक कविता,
मेरी तुम्हारी। 

Monday, 11 November 2013

Winters are here

Winters are here,
and so are you,
singing songs with me,
in the howling winter winds,
wrapping ourselves in the dark nights,
as we share our secrets new,
Where were you,
for the rest of the year?
It seemed like you had forgotten me,
But now that you're here,
I'll remind you of everything,
Starting from the morning tea,
Brewing it with old dreams,
Dreams we dreamt
while sipping some mornings,
talking about forever,
a long ago …

Winters are here,
and so are you,
walking with me,
into the dazzling sun,
I feel your warmth encapsulating me,
protecting me,
from this hostile world,
Did you think about me,
from where you've been?
Dreams of me,
have you seen?
While you were travelling,
in a foreign land
and I waited for the time,
to slip away like sand,
Stars I saw,
Did you noticed them too?
But now that you're here,
I don't wish to know where were you …

Winters are here,
and so is the one I love,
Back into my arms,
Suddenly I feel more joyous,
I feel free,
But this lingering sadness,
it's still there, haunting me
Will I see your face,
Once the spring comes by,
and will it finally be the winters,
when never again I'll have to lie …

Yesterday Taai asked me,
Will he be here for rest of the winters?
All she cares about is the money,
And says,
All you care about is the pleasure,
Tell them the truth yourself,
So they won't laugh,
As I tell them the same story ...

That when the spring is here,
We'll be standing by the tracks,
Waiting for the morning train,
As through the fog it'll arrive,
to snatch us from all this pain …  

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Incurable madness

Search for the place
where you always wanted to go
and the face,
you always wanted to know,
a heart,
where you'd live forever,
and a dream,
you'd die to live …

Be the fire,
that can't be doused,
and a storm,
that shatters all inhibitions,
like sand,
slipping through their fingers,
but a love,
living beyond conditions …

Be a smile,
in their moist eyes,
the curse,
to your own sadness,
as all the fear,
disappear, disapparate, disintegrate
turning you into the one you are,
your own incurable madness …