Thursday, 28 November 2013

Goodbyes at the airport ...

Goodbyes at the airport ... 

They're the worst ones, 
when they stand there, 
looking at you from the other side 
of the glass, 
and you stand here, 
this side, 
wanting to break that glass ... 

A boundary, 
Like many, 
Which have always stopped you, 
Deluded you, 
Secluded you, 
From what you deserve, 
From making the friendships, 
You'll preserve ... 

You see their eyes, 
saying more than, 
what anyone ever told you, 
you see their lips quiver, 
whispering a silent goodbye, 
Chanting promises, 
Which will slowly die 
or maybe not ... 

Let's hope they don't, 
Let me make sure they won't, 
'cause boundaries which existed, 
they still do, 
On paper, but not in mind, 
I just needed a reason, 
Now there are many I can find ...

So this time, 
there won't be any stopping,
'cause I just need to
spread my wings and finally fly, 
My friend, you'll find me again,
Just keep looking for me in the sky ...

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