Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Her Words...

Her words,
They touch me,
Just the way I’d like her fingers to touch mine,
Her lips to touch mine...

Her words,
They make me dream,
How the evenings with her would be,
Will I listen to her stories, or will she listen to mine as well?

Her words,
They make me smile,
And I just think about her,
Does she smile as well while writing them?

Her words,
They makes me worry,
Those poems of pain, stories of agony,
Who wipes her tear?

Her words,
They make me fall in love,
In love with her, her smiles, her tears,
Her happiness, her dreams and her fears…

Her words,
They make me wonder, 
If I ever write about her, 
Would she like to read my words?

She might not, 
But her words, 
I wish I could read them forever... 

Friday, 25 January 2013

Another sunset, and a lonely me...

Birds fly,
In search of the beautiful dreams,
Wind blows, 
In search of the land of smiles,
Beyond these nightmarish screams
River flows, 
In search of the mighty sea, 
Darkness grows, 
Gobbling everything that I could see,
As I walk..
In search of another world,
Where I would be free
It’s another sunset,
And a lonely me...

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Cure me of her love

Cure me of her love,
Of that beautiful pain,
Of those random smiles,
Still lying in the memory lane

Cure me of her love,
Of those incomplete stories,
Of those dark days,
And those midnight glories

Cure me of her love,
Lord, cure me
Of all I hide inside,
Wiping those tears,
Still lying,
Next to my bedside

Cure me of her love,
Or just let me die
As I search for those smiles, 
While another tear I cry

Cure me of her love…

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

I will sing and can dance

Let’s just stop,
And let the world go ahead
We’ll stay here,
Where no one’s around
We’ll stay here
And never be found
And darling,
I’ll sing for you
And you,
You can dance

Let’s just kiss,
And the world will miss,
A sunshine we’ll capture,
In our hearts,
A moonlight we’ll bathe in,
Leading to the new starts,
And darling,
I’ll kiss you tonight,
And you,
You just close your eyes

Let’s just sit,
In this space only we fit,
And drink,
And smoke,
I stare at you,
Hey, we’ll be so broke,
But darling,
I’ll be there for you,
And you,
You can fly in my sky

Let’s just sleep,
And dream together,
We are,
We are here, and close
Poems and prose,
I will write for you
And darling,
You can sing them for me,
And I,             
I can dance…

Monday, 14 January 2013

Thank you for existing...

To my secret Santa, who sent me these beautiful gifts and someone who's also a really nice person: 

A little sunshine,
That’s all I wished,
And a bagful of winter sunshine,
Was lying outside my door
A handful of smiles,
Was all I desired,
You gave me a lifelong memory,
I can’t ask for more

And can you see me smile,
All this while,
As I read your letter,
and it doesn’t matter,
I just don’t want it to get over,
Every time I hold it,
Fold it,
To open it again,
To find my gift of sanity,
In this sea of insane

And can you feel that happiness,
The one you packed,
The one I opened,
The one stacked,
In a heart
See my never-ending smile,
You gave it the start

Just like a winter bliss,
You’re Something that I always miss,
But not this time,
This year,
I don’t have that fear,
Of being alone,
‘Cause I have someone,
To cherish,
To read,
To write to,
To meet,
and say, “Thank you for existing.” 

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

These never-ending winters and a Summery you...

Winter cuddles,
And holding my hand,
Kissing me slowly,
And every moment we spend,
Playing games like that,
Playing games new,
I just want to know you,
Some more,
Just wanna explore,
Every bit of you,
Because this world,
Looks so fine,
When you’re mine

And can you hear that,
Winter winds whispering stories,
The ones we’ll create,
The one created,
By the fate,
The one I see in your eyes,
Your silent sighs,
The stillness of these cold nights,
Filled with your warm truths,
And those beautiful sights,
I see by your side.

Those winter mornings,
Serenaded by your song,
And you belong,
To me,
To my dreams,
To my reality,
To these mountains,
To these streams,
Where I find you,
Where I Feel you,
And I will steal you,
From everything else

You’re the poem I write,
While my fingers shiver,
The impressions I leave,
While your lips quiver,
Are the signs,
Of the memories we make,
We take,
A bit of you and a bit me,
A bit of us,
And we’ll be free,
In a world,
Where a story exists
Of these never-ending winters
And a summery you…

Sunday, 6 January 2013

I am trying to love my baby...

Baby, it’s such a fine night,
And the love at first sight,
But I see you wearing tights,
On these winter nights,
I know it’s a love at first sight,
On such a fine night,
But wearing tights,
It’s not alright.

Baby, take off those tights,
Then I’ll hug you tonight,
We’ll make love till morning light,
I won’t let you shiver, 
On this winter night,
Because I’ll be making love to you,
Until the morning sun starts sneaking,
Through the window,
Carrying the morning light,
You know that’s not alright.

Baby, the morning light,
Will make me see your face,
That I can’t see tonight,
I know I’d hate to see your face,
On these winter nights,
It gives me chills,
You give me frights,
But I have closed the bedroom light,
And I’ll hug you so tight,
Oh baby baby,
You look so beautiful,
Until the sun comes sneaking upon us,
With its morning light.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

I miss you...

I miss you,
I miss you like they can’t define,
I miss you like a part of mine,
I miss you when the night crawls,
Gently swinging the windchime
I miss you when the sun disappeared,
I miss you,
I miss your body these golden rays smeared,
Every morning,
Every night,
I miss you, and I shudder with fright
Of not having you around,
Of you never been found
I miss your neck, and my kisses on it,
I miss biting your lips,
And causing your fires lit,
I miss you in every drop of water,
I licked off your skin,
I miss you, I miss you, I miss you
I miss my most favourite sin.
I miss you in the books read,
I miss you,
You’re the only one I need.

Tonight when all the pieces of me splinter, 
I miss you in this freezing winter.
As I stand naked,
Letting the pain embrace me,
Letting my destiny face me,
Letting the death lace me,
Letting your soul finally trace me. 

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Slow Down Charlie...

Drink some hope,
And take your time,
Smile back at life,
Even if all it gives you,
Is a lime
Just think,
Walk down that street,
Pretending you’ve got no choice
And if the going gets tough,
Just slow down Charlie

Take a beating in the rain,
Celebrate with the pain,
Just lose everything,
World will be yours to gain
Meet Illusions,
And that feeling of elation,
Put yourself in every situation
And if the going gets tough
Just slow down Charlie                                                     

Take a break from the words,
And follow the birds,
Just make your own roads,
Don’t follow the herds
See the world,
See how strange it looks,
It feels,
Secrets unknown,
Some they’ve thrown,
Some you’ll pick,
Let the clock tick,
It doesn’t matter anymore,
You don’t know what’s in the store,
Just close your eyes and fly,
Just close your eyes and be a star in the sky,
And if the going gets tough
Just slow down Charlie

Slow down for yourself,
Slow down for your dreams,
Read those eyes a bit more,
In the mirror,
See your thoughts becoming,
Don’t fear her,
Smear her,
With your will,
Stay still, move, groove
Now go live your dreams,
Don’t give heed to those screams
And remember,
If the going gets tough this year,
We’ll just slow down Charlie boy…