Sunday, 6 January 2013

I am trying to love my baby...

Baby, it’s such a fine night,
And the love at first sight,
But I see you wearing tights,
On these winter nights,
I know it’s a love at first sight,
On such a fine night,
But wearing tights,
It’s not alright.

Baby, take off those tights,
Then I’ll hug you tonight,
We’ll make love till morning light,
I won’t let you shiver, 
On this winter night,
Because I’ll be making love to you,
Until the morning sun starts sneaking,
Through the window,
Carrying the morning light,
You know that’s not alright.

Baby, the morning light,
Will make me see your face,
That I can’t see tonight,
I know I’d hate to see your face,
On these winter nights,
It gives me chills,
You give me frights,
But I have closed the bedroom light,
And I’ll hug you so tight,
Oh baby baby,
You look so beautiful,
Until the sun comes sneaking upon us,
With its morning light.


  1. interesting ..
    and makes u think why you hate to see the face ..

    reasons can be many fold ..


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