Wednesday, 16 January 2013

I will sing and can dance

Let’s just stop,
And let the world go ahead
We’ll stay here,
Where no one’s around
We’ll stay here
And never be found
And darling,
I’ll sing for you
And you,
You can dance

Let’s just kiss,
And the world will miss,
A sunshine we’ll capture,
In our hearts,
A moonlight we’ll bathe in,
Leading to the new starts,
And darling,
I’ll kiss you tonight,
And you,
You just close your eyes

Let’s just sit,
In this space only we fit,
And drink,
And smoke,
I stare at you,
Hey, we’ll be so broke,
But darling,
I’ll be there for you,
And you,
You can fly in my sky

Let’s just sleep,
And dream together,
We are,
We are here, and close
Poems and prose,
I will write for you
And darling,
You can sing them for me,
And I,             
I can dance…