Thursday, 19 December 2013

Children of Today

Let's call it a night,

a beautiful night,
Decorating our dreams,
with the songs we sang,
and vague conversations ...

Let's catch some stars,
and fill'em up,
with our secrets untold,
Before the sleep catch hold,
of our naked fears ...

So let's celebrate tonight,
like there's no tomorrow,
because there won't be one,
for us,
the children of today.

- Sitting by the Indus river in Ladakh. 

Wednesday, 18 December 2013


...and then I look up

I see clouds,
like they've been waiting for me,
I see river flowing,
A thread holding this valley together,
I hear the sound of tires,
A bus screeches to halt,
The driver shouts,
"Get in Kid."
"No, I'm fine."
I say staring at this man,
hanging out of the bus' door,
who is staring back at me,
As he jumps off the bus,
He walks along,
Joining my steps,
by step,
Then sometimes fast,
Sometimes slow,
He wants to say something,
I know
And then he asks,
"You're walking since?"
I say with a smile,
And ask with another
"And you're going till?"

Friday, 6 December 2013

Cities & Trains

will you say no,
when a city calls you?

Will you curl up in your bed, 
will you unheard what it said,
in your ears,
lying down with all you fears,
Or will you break away,
all the chains,
Running towards the tracks,
watching all those trains,
Waiting to take you,
far away,
To one of those cities,
That keep calling your name...

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Looking Behind

Looking behind,
have you ever felt ...

The way stars twinkle,
and our skins wrinkle,
after years of carrying,
the memories we create ...

The way sun light,
pours through the broken window,
and the moment when you know,
it's the end of our one last night ...

The way these days,
pass me by,
no matter how hard we try,
to stop them from leaving us behind ...

The way those nights,
came to haunt me, to taunt me,
with all the thoughts,
where you still exist ...

And the way rain drops,
pierced my skin,
when standing beyond the glass pane,
I watched you leave again ...

have you ever felt,
the way I miss you?