Monday, 10 February 2014

I'm at peace

The birds fly to their nest, 
I keep digging the soil, 
Killing the pest, 
I die every night, 
To create this morning light, 
I live every winter,
To give you the spring,
But what do I bring,
for myself?

I fly across the sky,
To quell your fear,
When the end is nigh,
And I float across the ocean,
Killing this commotion,
That riddles your heart,
But who kills mine,
You ask?

You see,
I'm at peace,
And every piece,
of Mine,
Is now a bloodshed,
I endured a long time ago,
I felt too much once,
To feel anything anymore,
For I'm at peace,
While you still wonder what's in the store.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

An anecdote from Deh-lee

Some days,
I walk these empty roads,
Full of empty souls,
Where I saw them build minarets,
Over dried up shoals.

Tell me o'brother,
Do they face west too?
You ask,
I wonder,
Putting all my thoughts to task.

And then,
I see the dark sky,
And no stars shining by,
Just a moon,
That stares into an abyss.

I see all this,
And much more,
In the eighth city,
Built over the dead bodies,
Of past seven.

As I walk,
These crushed dreams,
Giving rise to a bag full of stories,
Bursting at the seams.