Monday, 10 February 2014

I'm at peace

The birds fly to their nest, 
I keep digging the soil, 
Killing the pest, 
I die every night, 
To create this morning light, 
I live every winter,
To give you the spring,
But what do I bring,
for myself?

I fly across the sky,
To quell your fear,
When the end is nigh,
And I float across the ocean,
Killing this commotion,
That riddles your heart,
But who kills mine,
You ask?

You see,
I'm at peace,
And every piece,
of Mine,
Is now a bloodshed,
I endured a long time ago,
I felt too much once,
To feel anything anymore,
For I'm at peace,
While you still wonder what's in the store.


  1. "I felt too much once,
    To feel anything any more."

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