Sunday, 4 November 2012

Scarily Beautiful Road of Lansdowne...

A lonely night,
On an only road,
I pretend like a lonely soul,
I wonder about my only goal...

As I see patterns on the deserted road,
Formed by the juxtaposed red & blue tubelights,
I hear someone calling my name from the windows of an isolated house,
Shining like a beacon on the greater heights...

And there are dogs, a lot of them
Discussing their concerns just across the street,
Staring at me with their shining eyes,
Trying to keep their matters discreet...

When suddenly a gust of the cold wind,
Brings a fragrance of some unknown kind,
Emancipating me from my unruly thoughts,
A commotion, whose end I'll never find...

So I start walking down that scarily beautiful road
of Lansdowne, once again
Letting the music of rapturous darkness,
Soak up my silent pain...