Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Little Snippets from Meghna’s Life

Since I recently shifted to a new place,
I was wondering what to do,
It’s not like I have a very happening life,
Unlike all of you

So I look at this huge window,
That’s the part of my room,
And I open it up only to realize,
“Holy shit, it’s the western sky..”

Now, I can be all sophisticated sitting with a cup in my hand,
Looking at the western sky,
Seeing the sunset every evening,
Wishing sun a pleasant instagrammed good bye

But the problem was,
I didn’t have instant coffee reserve,  
And even though I can make tea,
I don’t like drinking it

So while I wondered how to celebrate this special moment,
A thought came flying by,
I caught it, as it told me,
“Hey Abhi, why don’t you give this particular blog a try?”

I said, “Why not, let’s see if it stirs up my evening?”
So I opened up the blog,
And it made me smile,
As I looked at the sun turn yellow to orange to red all this while

Thus, I witnessed the first sunset from my new room,
And against tea I maintained my strife,
Now, I just want say thank you to
Little Snippets from Meghna’s Life 


  1. very interesting Abhinav.Beautifully written.