Monday, 21 April 2014


Have you ever seen love,
Floating in the air,
As she seems busy playing the guitar,
While I stare.

And every tune that emerges,
From her finger tips,
Presents a new reason to my words,
For coming alive.

But it's not only us in this cafe,
'cause i see them too,
Sitting across her,
In that cozy corner.

Passing smiles and kisses,
In between coffee and breads,
Then checking if anybody noticed them,
By turning their heads.

I did,
All three of them,
Through the warmth of my tea,
I'm exactly where I need to be.

Midst their love,
And my words,
And the sounds,
Of her guitar.

They might be a bit out of tune,
But do you see that thread,
Which has sewn,
These four travelers,
Of different destinies,
Together; for a moment.