Friday, 9 November 2012

You and I

Let's fly away to the sky, 
and jump off the stars. 
Let's fall down to a beach,
and rub sand on our scars

Let's sing a lullaby,
and make this world sleep.
Let's dance away to the glory,
while these dogs weep

Let's paint our names on these roads, 
and sing songs of our destination.
Let's catch the last train, 
to the last station

Let's be in love once again,
letting our bodies entwine
Today you're just a wandering soul, 
who once mingled with mine

Let's be a bit more crazy,
and laugh till we die. 
Let's rejoice once again, 
because this universe has got special plans for You and I.


  1. I was already in love with these lines when u were tweeting last night... "Today you're just a wandering soul, who once mingled with mine" Beautiful!!! Kudos!! :)