Sunday, 23 December 2012

She's like...

She’s like,
The hot cup of tea on a winter morning,
Burning your tongue with every sip,
But still you take the sip another,
And then you run for the cover,
Because it rains,
She is the monsoon rain,
Drenching your body and the thoughts,
Before the cool wind takes you away,
In her fragrance you’ll sway,
Because she’s like the flowery kisses of the night,
The moon shining bright in the sky,
She’s like the star in your palm,
The beauty you hold,
She’s like the tiny specks of gold,
Of the sunlight that dries you up,
The sunlight that brighten your day,
In the green grass as you lay,
And a dream embraces you for the nth time
She’s like that dream,
She’s just a dream. 

She's like, 
The pretentiousness of winter, 
and simplicity of the summer time, 
She's your every kindness, 
She's your every crime, 
And the tears you cry,
for the smiles you smiled 
The wonders you saw, 
The palaces you built, 
in the air, 
that caresses your hair
Just like her fingers, 
and that moment which lingers,
In the corner of your mind, 
And the weirdness of a new kind, 
She brings with her, 
She brings with her the winter sunlight, 
She brings with her a lonely night, 
And she brings with her a dream too, 
She's like that dream, 
She's just a dream

Until you see her again…