Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Slow Down Charlie...

Drink some hope,
And take your time,
Smile back at life,
Even if all it gives you,
Is a lime
Just think,
Walk down that street,
Pretending you’ve got no choice
And if the going gets tough,
Just slow down Charlie

Take a beating in the rain,
Celebrate with the pain,
Just lose everything,
World will be yours to gain
Meet Illusions,
And that feeling of elation,
Put yourself in every situation
And if the going gets tough
Just slow down Charlie                                                     

Take a break from the words,
And follow the birds,
Just make your own roads,
Don’t follow the herds
See the world,
See how strange it looks,
It feels,
Secrets unknown,
Some they’ve thrown,
Some you’ll pick,
Let the clock tick,
It doesn’t matter anymore,
You don’t know what’s in the store,
Just close your eyes and fly,
Just close your eyes and be a star in the sky,
And if the going gets tough
Just slow down Charlie

Slow down for yourself,
Slow down for your dreams,
Read those eyes a bit more,
In the mirror,
See your thoughts becoming,
Don’t fear her,
Smear her,
With your will,
Stay still, move, groove
Now go live your dreams,
Don’t give heed to those screams
And remember,
If the going gets tough this year,
We’ll just slow down Charlie boy… 


  1. roger that, Charlie ji...

    we shud slow down, to savour & to save every moment

    Happy new yr :)

    PS: beautiful work

  2. full of positivity

    that's all we need in these times.