Monday, 14 January 2013

Thank you for existing...

To my secret Santa, who sent me these beautiful gifts and someone who's also a really nice person: 

A little sunshine,
That’s all I wished,
And a bagful of winter sunshine,
Was lying outside my door
A handful of smiles,
Was all I desired,
You gave me a lifelong memory,
I can’t ask for more

And can you see me smile,
All this while,
As I read your letter,
and it doesn’t matter,
I just don’t want it to get over,
Every time I hold it,
Fold it,
To open it again,
To find my gift of sanity,
In this sea of insane

And can you feel that happiness,
The one you packed,
The one I opened,
The one stacked,
In a heart
See my never-ending smile,
You gave it the start

Just like a winter bliss,
You’re Something that I always miss,
But not this time,
This year,
I don’t have that fear,
Of being alone,
‘Cause I have someone,
To cherish,
To read,
To write to,
To meet,
and say, “Thank you for existing.” 

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