Wednesday, 9 January 2013

These never-ending winters and a Summery you...

Winter cuddles,
And holding my hand,
Kissing me slowly,
And every moment we spend,
Playing games like that,
Playing games new,
I just want to know you,
Some more,
Just wanna explore,
Every bit of you,
Because this world,
Looks so fine,
When you’re mine

And can you hear that,
Winter winds whispering stories,
The ones we’ll create,
The one created,
By the fate,
The one I see in your eyes,
Your silent sighs,
The stillness of these cold nights,
Filled with your warm truths,
And those beautiful sights,
I see by your side.

Those winter mornings,
Serenaded by your song,
And you belong,
To me,
To my dreams,
To my reality,
To these mountains,
To these streams,
Where I find you,
Where I Feel you,
And I will steal you,
From everything else

You’re the poem I write,
While my fingers shiver,
The impressions I leave,
While your lips quiver,
Are the signs,
Of the memories we make,
We take,
A bit of you and a bit me,
A bit of us,
And we’ll be free,
In a world,
Where a story exists
Of these never-ending winters
And a summery you…


  1. Abhinav, you should totally compose a melody for this :) Its beautiful!

  2. I agree with the commentator above. A song composed out of this would be wonderful. Try it!

  3. I looove it. in fact, I am stealing it. :)