Sunday, 27 November 2011

I guess i love you...

Came a gust of the wind in the morning,
it was carrying a fragrance.
Wind said it's from her,
i guess it belongs to you my darling.

With sun rays, came an excitement
to put a smile on my face.
Sun said, "Hey, she likes to see you smile."
I think sun isn’t lying. Is it my darling?

With the rain, came a sweet noise
Rain said, "I’m trying to mimic her.
So you don’t miss her."
But why do I miss you so much my darling?

With the moonlight came a dream.
The dream spoke to me about you.
It asked, “Hey Abhi why do you miss her?”
I explained, how much I love my darling.

And now, when I've closed my eyes.
You are near me and whispering,
"Don’t you worry, cause am always with you."

I know you are, my darling.

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