Thursday, 28 February 2013

An ode to our Saviours....

An Ode to our Saviours

This world,
This beautiful world,
Floats in a pain,
Thousands of pains,
And it never rains,
It’s just a rotten desert,
Happiness never falls,
Just darkness crawls

There’s you,
Like those saviours few,
You make us laugh,
Just laugh, laugh, laugh
So, we cough
Just cough, cough, cough
Cough out the burn,
And everything that hurts,
We jump,
We clap,
And Snap… the moment’s gone

But a smile,
An everlasting smile,
That stays,
And dismays,
The darkness that crawls,
The happiness falls,
As the curtain draws,
A saviour withdraws,
From the stage

No, you’ll stay,
In that random smile,
Of those reminded jokes,
As all this while
You prepare your next attack
To lighten up the world
To brighten up the world
With the laughter you bring,
And then we sing
‘An Ode to our Saviours’  

*wrote this for the stand up comedians*

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