Monday, 25 February 2013

The girl I eventually fell in love with...

She was a girl who felt confident about herself, instead of craving for others' validations. Someone I'd eventually fall in love with.

Her skin was a few shades lighter, and her slender fingers gripped objects as if they belonged to her. Maybe, the world belonged to her, and I was just playing the role of being a part of that world.

At times, she used to phase out and stared into the empty spaces beyond us as we laughed at her. She searched for someone to call her own while glancing at her own hazy thoughts; I wanted to read those thoughts, and fill those empty spaces. Even though I never got a chance to do any of it, the twinkle of those eyes remained with me, in my memories. 

Whenever we met, I always noticed her bright eyes. They were full of dreams, and I wanted to fulfill them all.  I remember, I always talked a little less whenever she was around, sometimes just to make sure I don’t make a fool of myself but mostly I’d be guessing her thoughts about that passing moment. I always wondered if she ever thought about me. Maybe she did, but not like the way I wanted her to.

We spent a few evenings together, including some moments of privacy, but those were the most difficult for me. I always thought of the things I’d tell her, lines I could quote to impress her, only to be intimidated by her nonchalance as she wasn’t the one to be impressed. She wasn’t like all those girl I’ve met, she was one of her own kind.

She was the girl I eventually fell in love with. 


  1. Ditto my story. The only difference is that in my case its "the man i eventually fell in love with"