Sunday, 24 February 2013

I saw her walking away...

I saw you,
I saw you walking away,
Into the stillness of a rainy night,
Into the darkness of the blinding light...

And you see,

You see I wanted to hold you,
In my eyes, in my dreams, in my arms,
But all I could do was muster a simple goodbye...

On a night,
Where you sat smiling,
And I sat wondering,
I wondered about the world,
And about a shiny star,
I wondered about all those closed doors,
And the one left ajar,
I wondered about us,
And a perfect world somewhere far…

But then I saw you,
I saw you walking away,
From me, from all my thoughts,
Beyond the boundaries I can’t cross,
Beyond the boundaries better left uncrossed…


  1. Mature... getting better with each poem, huh?


  2. Beautiful. Simple.
    Your poems are very clear. And meaningful. :)

  3. I like how you don't let your words run in a jumbled maze. Liked it :)