Saturday, 2 February 2013

I want that Lone Star !!!

I see a shining star,
It’s quite far,
But I don’t care,
I want it here
Near me,
I want it to be
Hey, lone star,
Why are you so far?

The star in the sky,
It looks down to me,
And frowns,
Uses some nouns,
Then some verbs,
Then both,
Mixing them like herbs,
Herbs that leave a bad taste,
When someone sprinkle them,
On your pizza in haste
Don’t you hate that man?
Feeling like murdering them,
Baking such a plan
I too hate that lone star,
Because it's so far...

I see the lone star,
Shining above the street light,
And nothing else is in sight,
Just few dogs walking around,
Protecting the world,
When everyone sleeps,
When a child weeps,
Only to wake up the mother,
Who thinks to herself,
“Ok, this is the last time,
I don’t want another.”

But she will want one,
Just like that lone star,
Just like the night wants,
Few stars more,
And keep producing them,
From its womb,
She asks me to choose any,
There are many,
But I want my lone star,
Oh lord, why is it so far?

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