Saturday, 2 March 2013

Because there is a pain I hid inside me...

Because there is a pain I hid inside me,
A part of me they'll never see,
There is a tear I cry
Under this blue sky,
There is a star I yearn,
A lesson I’ll have to learn,
That stars are for special ones,
I ain’t the special one…
I can’t be,
Or they would have never made fun of me,
I am just like those grammatical mistakes in beautiful stories,
So, they’ll erase me,
And all my memories,
Because I’m just an abnormal kid,
Who just couldn’t hid 
Himself from the mob
Who tried to harm him,
Maybe they just killed him,
A part of him,
A part that lies inside,
A part of me, it died,
But still I walk on,
For no reason,
I walk on only to be ridiculed,
I walk on only to be fooled,
I walk on knowing I’m not the special one,
Like them,
Like all of them,
I walk on…
Maybe I shouldn’t.

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