Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Standing side by side,
We let the wind glide,
And play games with our hair,
As we stare,
At each other,
You, the one trying not to smile
And I…

We will fly,
In this sky,
So high,  
Sometimes low,
We’ll just go with the flow
Like a kite,
We’ll fight,
We’ll fall in love,
We’ll live,
One more day,
This is what I have to say,
While you stand there,
Wind in your hair,
Somewhere far you stare,
Trying not to smile,
And I wonder what’s stopping you…

Look at me,
Into my eyes,
And read what lies,
Beyond all these vague ideas,
Can you see the sun rise,
For us today,
Can you feel the rush,
Yes, it’s here to stay
‘cause now we’re free
We can be where we always wanted to be,
Leaving behind whatever is broken,
Everything that is lost,
At least I found you,
And you found me,
So, here I’m, with a girl,
Standing by the door,
Trying not to smile,
While I wonder what’s stopping her…

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