Thursday, 8 December 2011

When they'll be together...

And as she looked towards the sky
A star shone brightly
“Hey star why do you look so happy tonight?”
She asked

“Hey green eyed girl, today I’m a
messenger for someone.”, it said.
For whom?
“There’s a guy who loves you,
He wanted me to give you this.”

On a pale piece of paper, with the blood red ink
Were a few alphabets trying to string a song of his emotions

As the star went back to its twinkling form,
And the dark clouds hid moon behind them,
A drop fell on the paper, which she held in her hands.

As it started raining, she closed her window and smiled,
She loved the the rains, and the coziness they bought
She missed him, and wished for that day,
When she’ll be with him, in his arms.

Hey babe, he wrote
It’s another sleepless night without you
It’s another night when all my thoughts will be about you

I see the moon from my window tonight, 
I hope it whispers in your sleep tonight,
That how much I long for you.

“It’s cloudy here.” She whispered
while reading the letter and longing
for the day
when they'll be together. 

There he was across the sea,
Sitting by his window sill, nursing his injuries
And few of his insecurities & fears, while missing her.

He had a cup of coffee in his hands,
And the notepad on his lap.
He was scribbling something,
Thinking about one more way to make her
Feel special.

While just like her, 
waiting for the day
When they’ll be together. 

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