Saturday, 11 January 2014

What is love according to me?

So today, a friend randomly asked me, What is love according to you? 

I never thought about this but,

Being mushy, writing poetry, singing songs, those soft whispers, inside jokes, kissing, cuddling, feeling of happiness, that chirpiness all the time when they're around, that dreamy sense, your world becoming better, some songs becoming more special, doing stuff to make them feel special all the time, talking for hours, holding hands, writing letters, love notes....etc. 

Well all this is BULLSHIT, frankly speaking, I/we can do this with/for anyone we are a little bit close to. 

For me love is when reality hits, after all that initial excitement dies. Those days when you don't feel in love with them, those days when they irritate the hell out of you, those days when you'd love to be with anyone in the world except them. 

Love is making them believe that you love them on those particular days. 

Love is arguments, love is fighting, love is also forgiving. Love is forgiving them all the time, love is finally realizing that you're not the only person entitled to make mistakes. Love is realizing that they're the ones that matter more than the mistakes they make. Love is suffering for them once you've realized they're worth suffering for. 

Love is realizing that they'll not be with you forever, because 'Together Forever' happens only in one scenario, when you both die at the same moment. So, love is making peace with the fact that they'll go away one day, and then living as if that might happen the next moment. 

Love is making efforts to make them believe, make yourself believe that something like 'Love' exists. 

To be fair, Love is sheer HARDWORK. 

So, until you're ready to do all that hardwork for someone, don't tell them that you love them. 

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