Thursday, 30 January 2014

My heart is broken tonight

My heart is broken tonight, 
And it's not the best kind of feelings, 
You know, 
The stars are still shining, 
In the beautiful dark sky, 
The earth I walk on,
It is still wet and soft,
The songs I listen,
Still talk about love,
I believe in,
And then there's a heartbeat I had,
which appears missing.

My eyes are wet tonight,
And her memories are littered,
In front of me,
You know,
I can pick any of them,
And they'll happily act,
As a catalyst,
Kick starting this chemical reaction,
Where I'll self-combust,
Slowly turning into dust,
Of depression,
As I search for that solitary tear,
That will finally drown me,
which appears missing.

My heart is still broken,
My eyes are still wet,
My tears are still missing,
Along with the heartbeat,
That sang her name,
I feel like tonight,
I'm part of some game,
This universe plays,
With all of us,
It makes us smile,
And the moment we start losing,
It snatches what it gave,
It wants us to run,
After what we love,
Making us desperate,
This state,
That we hate,
NO matter how much,
It needs to happen,
Because we need to know,
That this sorrow,
Which I feel,
Which you felt,
Is something with which we grow.

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