Friday, 5 April 2013

Moments of madness...

But sometimes I don’t know,
And the other times I don’t care,
These stars,
I don’t know why they twinkle,
Then some nights,
I just sit and stare them,
Compare them,
With my life, my wishes,
They twinkle like them, to gain my attention,
Are the stars too trying to gain my attention?
To the secrets they know,
A life they want to show,
That I haven’t seen,
Do you know what I don’t?
Tell me,
Compel me,
To know the secrets,
To care some more,
To wonder what’s in the store,
To look on the road,
To not hold the past in my hands,
Like a squirming toad
I want to let it go,
I want to know what you know,
I want something,
That I have lost it in this bright glow,
I can’t see, will you show?
Just show me,
What I always wanted to know,
The secret and then maybe,
Maybe I’ll let myself follow,
Follow the stars,
Who paint the night for me,
For my dreams,
To suppress the screams,
I hear inside my head,
I live every moment,
While they tell me I’m dead,
I will just go to sleep,
When everything inside me I’ve said,
But before I go to sleep,
Before I dream,
Hear that scream,
Inside my head again,
Feel that pain,
Driving me insane,
And the moon will mock me,
They’ll again lock me,
In this chamber so dark,
I’m naked stark,
With these signs on my body,
Signs they say something,
Something I forget, all the time
I regret, my only crime
But you know what I don’t,
Show me what they don’t,
'cause sleep is not far away,
And I've got those stars to follow, 
So, just tell me the secret, and then maybe
Maybe I’ll let myself go… 

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  1. Too much emphasis on rhyme scheme... still expressed well.