Tuesday, 2 April 2013

I wish I knew...

Look at the those stars,
They still remember the tales I told you,
About the wind that flows and knows,
The fragrance, which belongs to you,

Listen to the leaves,
Hear what they say,
As they try to play,
The songs I sang for you

Look at the clouds,
As they rain,
Washing away all the pain,
Turning them into the smiles

Listen to the thunder,
And feel the cold winds,
As they ruffle your hair,
And tonight he’ll stare

Stare that beautiful woman,
Who was once the queen,
Of my most beautiful stories,
Which are nothing but,
Some forgotten memories,
Forgotten for you,
Not for me,
As I still sit by that lonely tree,
Looking at the stars,
Smoking all those unlit cigars,
Made of dreams,
That we created together,
Revolving around this word ‘forever’
Guess it had a different meaning for me,
A different meaning for you,
And I wish I knew….

I wish I knew….

1 comment:

  1. Sigh.
    love you made to nature to describe her is just so very beautiful :)