Saturday, 8 September 2012


Coffee and smiles
Morning and its different styles

Strangers and memories
It’s once again time to create new stories

Clouds and lake
It’s a day when nothing’s at stake

A wink and another sigh,
They’re the specks of truth in this big lie

Tick of clock and a good bye
Not long left before this beautiful moment will die

When, two Romanian Girls met a stupid Indian guy
and thank god for once, he wasn’t too shy....


Sitting by the lake
letting the clouds engulf me,
I saw her walking down the road, 
Like it was spring once again

Walking down the road
sipping a hot cup of coffee
I felt a warmth in this chilly air, 
As I saw her sitting by the lake 

Fiddling with my pen, 
weaving another web of words 
The sunshine was returning again, 
As I watched her disappear with the clouds 


We were creating ripples in the water, 
He used his words, 
and I used a stone 

Manto & Me 


  1. This poem had that Romanian touch!

    Keep traveling, gypsy. :)

  2. Paints a very intriguing picture in your head, this poem.

  3. How beautifully you've captured your journey. Keep travelling often and keep writing. :-)