Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Our last amends

Let’s discover those people
The most wonderful of them all,
Let’s catch'em in our hands
And break their fall.

Let’s sit by a river
And solve our mysteries,
Let’s count the stars
And create new histories.

Let’s take a journey
Into a beautiful unknown,
For once let’s forget those superfluous problem,
Which life has thrown.

Let’s disappear into the clouds,
On those mountain peaks.
Let’s dance in the rain,
For once just ignore what this world speaks.

Let’s make that last wish
And close our eyes,
Let’s make that last friend,
Before our time dies.

Because we can never see,
The beginning of a new end.

Let’s connect to those beautiful hearts,
And give everyone a reason to make new starts.
Let’s go beyond these phony The Ends,
To make those last amends.

Let’s give ourselves one more reason to smile,
Because you know....

It has been a while