Wednesday, 14 August 2013

It's time to let her dance alone ...

She couldn't smile with an ease,
That day when I was around,
I saw those eyes deceiving her,
A sense of discomfort was there to be found,
I knew it, there and then
It's time to let her go away,
I'll come back to meet her,
Maybe, some other day ...

I saw her fingers tremble,
her lips quiver,
She wanted to say something,
I could read that in her shiver,
I could feel the impulse,
Why didn't she push me way?
I wonder what stopped her,
From letting out what she wanted to say ...

But this time,
I'll set the things right,
She could go back to the life she knew,
While I'll just disappear out of her sight,
There is a world out there,
That needs her more,
It needs me too,
To find out what's in the store ...

So I guess,
It's time to let her flow like a river,
While I again explore the unknown,
and it's time to make myself realize,
that maybe, she just wants to dance alone ...

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