Sunday, 4 August 2013

I'll read you a poem tonight ...

It's a moonless sky,
and the stars will disappear,
You're waiting for your friends,
While trembling with fear,
No one will come looking for you,
But you can hold my hand,
You can talk to me,
Why don't you understand?
That it's my undying love,
Not something,
To make you shudder with fright,
So, stop screaming my dear,
'cause I'll read you a poem tonight ...

Now, wipe off those tears,
There's no reason to cry,
Your friends were looking for you,
It's not my fault they had to die,
But look at the brighter side,
You're still alive,
Don't fear me babe, you don't have to hide,
No, you aren't a prisoner,
Just a queen of my blackened heart,
The nightmare of my soulless nights,
The beauty that dies every moment,
It'll survive with your recurring sights,
So, let me come closer to you,
Let me hold you tight,
And just stop screaming my dear,
'cause I'll read you a poem tonight ...

I see the ripples in the lake,
Muted melodies of the ghostly nights,
Now won't you see my face,
Let me just switch on the lights,
Oh why did you scream?
Why are you running away?
The doors are all locked,
You're here to stay,
And let me present to you,
My kingdom of ghosts, and ghastly sights,
The clock has finally stuck 12, the time is right,
So, stop screaming my dear before I slit your throat,
'cause it's about time, I read you a poem tonight ... 


  1. Oh My God... what mood were you in when you wrote this!!

    I totally enjoyed reading it :)