Friday, 26 July 2013

My silences belong to you

They can have my dreams, and all my nightmares, 
But not those long walks, goodbyes and the longing stares,
My happiness, my tears, my smiles and my pains,
Never, those thoughts, and making faces in the rains,
They can have all my conversations,
But who’ll look for those secret sins,
My contemplations...

They can recite all my poems,
And read all my stories,
They can sing all my songs,
Exploring my past glories,
But they can never share my sun, count my stars,
And who’ll write poems with me,
About those unburnt cigars …

And if they want...

They can have all my life
Riddled with sores,
They can have my musings of laughter,
And my words of remorse,
And if they want my body, they can have it too,
But they can never take my silences,
‘cause they all belong to you…

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