Sunday, 19 May 2013

Today I dreamt about you

I loved today.

I loved the simmering summer
And the sweat,
I loved the stink
And the shirt sticking to me,
Being wet.

I loved walking through the market,
People hurling abuses
And fighting with fists,
I loved all the excuses
That maid gave me,
About the leaves she took.

I loved the power cut
And staring at the fan,
I loved being chased by the stray dogs
And into a dark alley I ran,
And there I met these eunuchs
Who hassled me, bullied me
For my money
But I smiled and gave them all,
Then a bird shat in my tea,
While I was standing next to a roadside stall. 

In the evening, mom called
She scolded me for being late
But I didn’t wince,
or cursed my fate,
Later, I had a fight with my friends,
and now I have a bloodied nose
But that's okay,
I suppose.

I loved it all,
And this is something new,
I guess it’s 'cause,
Today I dreamt about you. 


  1. I love the imagery...the words of the poem flow in the mind like a movie scene . And the length of the poem , from the p.o.v of the ending seems perfect-niether abrupt nor too long :)

  2. Almost visualized!
    Beautifully written. :)

  3. I loved the way, you loved today. :)

  4. A very beautiful way of expressing the dream! :)